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Would You Like To Have A "ip surveillance camera" In Your Home, Store, or Office Recording Every Thing That Happens 24 Hours a Day?

Would You Like to View It Remotely Anytime/Anywhere From Your Cell Phone or Computer?

Would You Like It to Be Easy To Set Up and Affordable?

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Watch Your

Home - Pets - Nanny - Granny - Driveway - Yard - Pool - Boat - Store - File Room - Storage Room

In today's world many people would like to be able to monitor and record what is happening in their home, business, or store. But until now all the systems available were not only hard to set up, but expensive as well. Wouldn't it be great if you could get a system that didn't require you to be a computer guru and didn't cost hundreds or thousands of dollars?

You already own a computer, pay for cable or DSL, pay for a cell phone. Why should you have to pay even more for a security system?

Well now a new company has developed a security camera system that lets you easily record and see what is happening in your home or business - and use the equipment you have already bought and paid for! And it is the easiest system to set up and use!

Not only that, but if something moves its MOTION SENSOR will email you a picture of what is happening - right to your cell phone!

How It Works..

You plug an inexpensive USB camera ip surveillance camera ($20- $80) into your existing computer. 2 Your computer records three pictures a second onto its hard drive. Your computer also makes contact with the Rogo Server. 3 You can then use any web enabled cell phone or computer 4 to ask the Rogo Server to send you the latest picture from your home or office. All this happens in the blink of an eye.

What Does It Cost?

Rogo is sold as a service at only $19.95 per month. Your first month is even FREE so you can try it out. You can cancel anytime you want.

Want a wireless camera? Want a night vision camera? Want a bulletproof camera? Rogo works with these cameras as well. Call our technical support line for these more advanced applications 910-512-7999.

Other uses for ip surveillance camera

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Speed, Power, Ease.

"Recording everything that occurs at the registers of my two stores gives me peace of mind and protects me from liability. Anytime, anywhere, I can use my phone to look in on my stores."

Hunter Brown, Owner
Blowing in the Wind Inc.

Peace of Mind.

"Rogo is user-friendly and one of a kind. It allows us to watch our store from home or from our cell phones."

Karen and Harold Piraneo,
Silk Road Antiques, Ltd.
Wilmington, NC

Improved Security, Lower Cost.

"Rogo serves both our security and customer service needs. Set-up was easy and the system saved me thousands of dollars and a great deal of time and trouble. The instant remote-access server works like magic."

AJ Aliah, General Manager
Cape Fear Land Rover

Life Made Easier.

"I can keep an eye on my home and my business, right from my computer or my cell phone. When I’m away, I can easily check live images of what's going on 24/7. Rogo has made my life a lot easier. Rogo is my security on the go"

Paul Diangelo, Owner
Wilmington Wine Shoppe

Security Simplified.

"With Rogo, I feel secure knowing my children have come home safely from school. Anytime I'm away from home, I can check in. Rogo has given me peace of mind!"

Melanie Cook
Mother and Business Woman